SM 9.41 - how to remove language pack?

SM 9.41 - how to remove language pack?

  • Hi,

    You could do this:

    1- Database Manager

    2- Look for the table language

    3- Select the language form

    4- Look for the languae you want to disable

    5- Uncheck the options "Active for logins" "Active for Knowledge Management"

    So, you don't delete from teh system but disable it.


  • Verified Answer

    Thanks a lot for your update, actually i wanted to repopulate all the DBs tables again as very simply the DB itself was not Arabic Collation and any array field which was populated by the language pack had "???" instead of arabic literals. However i have fixed the issue by doing the below.


    1- Creatigng a fresh Arabic Collation DB.

    2- Rebuilding all local valued global lists.

    3- Cloning OOB menus with the customized names to activate the new menus.


    Hence, the issue has been reoslved and thanks a lot for your update.