Closing changes in SM9

When closing tickets in SM9, some tickets will not present an option to close. It will only allow me to resolve them. This does not happen with every ticket. I am just trying to clear the resolved tickets from our queue, but they will not go away until they have been completely closed. 

Any feedback would be much apprecitated. 

  • The close button is sometimes controlled depending on the ticket field values/workflow etc.. One perfect example is Priority 1 tickets,  in our case this can only be set to close once the Incident Task status is in the review state or can only be closed by an Incident Manager and not by Analyst users in the case of Incident Tickets. Possibly be closed by Change Manager and not Change Analyst in the case of Emergency Change tickets. Check out this scenario in your case as we have no details of your environment. You may further provide details to further check the issue if the above details won't be enough.