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After many weeks of effort I was finally able to obtain a 90 day eval license of HP Service Manager from MicroFocus.  But no one there can figure out how I can download the software.  It is not available on their Trials portal.  Any link I find online is broken.  I have reached out many times to various teams at MicroFocus and no one can help, no one will own my problem, and my request gets dropped.  Does anyone know where I can obtain this software?

This is important to my QA team as our own software, Device42 uses APIs with Service Manager and we need to test changes for some customers.  I have been picking this request up on and off for over 2 months now.  

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    If I read this correctly, you have no intention of purchasing Service Manager for your customer testing needs for now or in the future. Budget justification is a problem for everyone.

    Consultants normally uses their own SM or the customer's own dev/test Service Manager to do their testing. You could opt to use the customer environment which means the testing is guaranteed for the customer's customised environment. Results may vary compared to an out-of-the-box SM environment.

    I fully agree with you that there's no clear info regarding trial for SM. In my opinion, there's no trial option for Service Manager as Service Management Automation X is the planned evolution for SM. New customers are directed to evaluate SMAX. Trial/demo for SMAX is available..

    All customers or Micro Focus partners with a paid customer subscription name that include SM entitlement are able to download the latest Service Manager and patches from the MySupport portal. SM is being developed and supported. The long awaited 64bit version of SM has just been released in SM 9.70.

    Folks at MF specialises in their specific role. Not everyone worked in different roles and have knowledge in various areas, except for the oldies, like me. Also, not all are in the tech community. I hope this oldie managed to answer some your questions. 

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    Thank you for the note. Yes, I don't plan on purchasing, though if not
    cost prohibitive, I would purchase a single seat. I actually have an eval
    license, so I just need access to the MySupport portal it seems. Maybe if
    I ask the Microfocus folks for that access, that will get me what I need as
    asking for a 'trial download' doesn't exist.
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    Anybody can register for an account on MySupport. However, you still cannot download software unless you have an entitlement to link to the MySupport account. Easiest option is to use your client own SM dev environment for your testing. The client and yourself do not need to pay for additional software.