HPSM - how to attach attachment from Incident to Interaction

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I am interested how can I attach attachment for Interaction (incidents) from Incident (probsummary).
I know I can go to Related Records and if Operator has rights to save attachment he can do It like that.

I don't want to copy attachment from Incident to Interaction I want to choose which attachments will be on Incident and which will be on Interaction.


How can I add a button that will have same functionality on TAB "Incident Attachments" but to add a new attachment to Interaction in TAB "Interaction Attachments", is it possible?2017-10-09_125240.jpg

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  • I remember a fix related to this, check if you will consider it.

    We don't want attachment per record in different modules as is. So the fix was a link to attachment - When you check the attachment TAB of a record, you will find...

    1. attachment of the current record as currently designed OOB.

    2. Links to attachment for each and every related record.

    Related Change CMXXXX (with 2 attachment )

               Attachment 1 (Link) - This will open the attachment if you click - no need to open the  CMXXXX

              Attachment 2(Link) -

    Related Incident IMXXXX (with 1 attachment)

             Attachment 1 (Link) - This will open the attachment if you click - no need to open the  IMCXXXX

    The fix is a combination of Script and an update of the Form (modify the attachment TAB). Plese let me know if you are interested.

  • Hello , I saw the solution for that, it is good but I need to attach an attachment from Incident (TAB attachments, TAB interaction, Object probsummary) to Interaction (Object Incidents) and that is a problem.

    Because OOTB functionality is that when I add attachment on Object probsummary that will create a relation in sysattachments table with IM but I need a feature that will create when I have selected tab Interaction that will create a relation between Interaction and sysattachment table. 

    What I mean, I need to tell HPSM to create relation with SD but from IM.


  • Verified Answer

    I found a solution that is OK by me. I will copy attachment from Incident to Interaction if "Customer Visible" checkbox is checked (I will add new field and checkbox for purpose of attachment).

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  • Hello Sandy,

    can you please provide the solution scripts.

  • i will not to be write in detail but it is somthing like

    var incident_id = 
    var probsum_id =
    var att = new SCFile('SYSATTACHMENTS');
    var ra = att.doSelect('topic="' iicident.id '"');