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Is there any decent user documentation for this product version 9.4.  I have support techs that need detailed documentation for the Incident module.  I cannot find anything.  It is all installation/integration documents.  Can you assist please.  I need:
How to search
How to update favourites
How to set up your columns in views
Setting up dashboards



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    You are correct. I checked the old Service Manager Document Matrix for 9.4x and it's all old install and integration documents.

    For learning how to use the products, there used to be training course on product usage for end users. However, 9.4 is obsolete version. I don't think there's even a Education training module for the end users anymore. You can ask Education Central if they are willing to provide adhoc training but you will need to pay for it.

    The user info has mostly been consolidated into the online helps. Your best bet would be to use the latest online help.  Hopefully, the steps and the screens there are not too different from the old 9.4 version.

    Have a look here -

    It's overview of how Incident module is used but there should be some sections with steps on how to perform some tasks.

    You may drop to lower versions like 9.62 which may be closer to 9.4 but older online help tends to have less new info like the latest online help version.

    Hope you find something close to what you are looking for.

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    This is pretty poor. How do you expect users to be able to understand and use the product if there is no user documentation.  This is just not good enough and shows that MicroFocus only cares about selling their product and not supporting it or any type of customer service.  This is a very quick way to lose customers.

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    For obsolete version like 9.4, it does not make sense to maintain documentation on them. SM 9.4x ended committed support in 31st Mar 2020 which is more than 2 years ago. We have the expectations that majority of customers are on newer versions with current committed support date, benefiting from new customer requested enhancements, functionalities, security and bug fixes.  For newer versions, simple user documentation are covered in the online documentation which is central and the documentation is no longer spread out among many different documentation guides, like in the old days. The online documentation also accepts online customer feedbacks ensuring correct documentation. Each newer version contains more and more info than the previous version.

    For more in depth user knowledge, there are education training courses available for the newer versions. See