Permission for table cirelationship



could you help me to understand why if I assign all the sysadmin permission in the Configuration Management Security Profile(like a picture) to a user, the user can't delete any record in the cirelationship.

The Configuration Management Security Profile does not give the correct permission to modify the table cirelationship?


Thanks in advance



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    configuration management profile will cover device table only. For giving access to cirelation record deletion u can customize on form over cirelation table and give one Menu option to user.

    Or else with admin right, go db command check admin and in file cirelation and then serach - deletion will work

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    You can refer to the OOTB user Admin.General. The user is able to view the CI Relationships and delete them as well.

    The user has been assigned the menu ADMIN, and according to the condition can access the CI Relationships when they have the capability word SysAdmin or ICMAdmin or inventory management or data administrator.