Live Meetings for SMA-SM Software Community Technical Practitioners

over 2 years ago

We are pleased to provide a monthly teleconference series for SMA-SM practitioners. 

The meeting provides implementers with the opportunity to regularly exchange information on technical topics with Micro Focus, partners, and customers. This monthly discussion is a technical deep dive for those with implementation expertise or previous training.

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Topics, dates and login information will be provided in this posting (and through the webinar reminder email). So block your calendar for every one month and check back regularly for topic updates described in the table below.  


Looking forward to your participation!


Previous Meeting Recordings




Nov 19

Service Manager 9.70 Release Readiness

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Nov 10

SMA-SM 2020.11, Asset Manager 9.80 and CIT 9.90 Release Readiness

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Sep 29


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Aug 25

Cloud Deployment 

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July 21

SMA 2020.08 Release Readiness for SMA-SM

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Service Manager Special Interest Group

SM Updates and Roadmap

Mixed Mode and SM Resources

Dual Mode


SM Evolution

June 3 2020

Smart Email

Smart Email Demo

April 14 2020

SMA 2020.05 Release Readiness for SMA-SM

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Mar 31 2020

SM In-tool Report

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Feb 25 2020

SM 9.64 Client Improvements, e.g. hashtag….    

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Jan 7 2020

SMA 2020.02 Release Readiness for SMA-SM (including Service Manager 9.64 updates)

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Dec 10

Technical Drill-down: Smart Search

·        General presentation of Smart Search algorithm

o   Influence of duplicates in the search text

o   Influence of repetition of words in the index fields

·        Best practices in administering Smart Search

o   How to manage the results weight between modules?

o   Are the positive advices received by an article taken into consideration in the algorithm?

o   Stop Words

o   Adaptive Learning

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Oct 29

Enhanced Change Analytics

Now Service Manager has a comprehensive collection of native built-in release control functionality and provides extended change management support without the need to integrate with the former product known as Release Control. Please join us for a discussion on change analytics implementation best practices and lessons learned. 

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Oct 21 2019

SMA 2019.11 Release Readiness for SMA-SM

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Sep 24, 2019

Hear important info about Flash EOL that impacts your usage of SRC

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August 7, 2019

SMA 2019.08 Release Readiness for SMA-SM (including SM 9.63 update)

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July 30, 2019

Evolution Program Update

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June 25, 2019

Mixed Mode Early Adopter Best Experience Sharing

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May 30,


2019.05 Release Readiness for SMA-SM 

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March 21, 2019

SMA Service Portal for SM Technical Drill-down

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Feb 27, 2019

2019.02 Release Readiness for SMA-SM

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Note: Due to technical reason, some recordings are bit fuzzy. If you need a local copy for video and deck please contact



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