(SM) Support Tip: What can we do if the SM cannot search and click will see the errors?



SM cannot search, click search will see the errors, like below


Unrecoverable error in application: database.engine on panel call.search.engine.1

Unrecoverable error in application: se.search.objects on panel build.search.table.list

Unrecoverable error in application: AdvFind.getTableList on panel filter.list

Unrecoverable error in application: advFind.filter.table.list on panel get.object.record

Unrecoverable error in application: se.get.object on panel get.env



Root cause:

In general cases, it is caused by creating an object without "Profile application" or "Profile variable" or incorrect "Profile application"

Confirmed the documentation, these two fields are required, https://docs.microfocus.com/doc/Service_Manager/9.71/ObjectInfoTabFieldDescriptions

But they don't prompt required fields in OOB UI interface, so it is easy to ignore that for user.



It is a known defect, but none have been fixed, as follows

OCTCR19X1092290 After creating an object without "Profile application" or "Profile variable" or incorrect "Profile application", the format control and database manager records detail cannot be viewed.

OCTCR19X1070353 All searches fail with error messages - Format with NULL name not found (se.get.object,get.env)

R&D feed back that it will be fixed in SM9.72.



By edit formatctrl record "Object", in the Validations section, add the check for these 2 fields.



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