How to customize form and subform of Service Manager window


As you may know, Service Manager provide function to customize OOB forms of each window appear in application.


I. How to open customize window of form:

1. In Each form you can press combination Ctrl+H to find out form name of that window. As in example below, after press combination Ctrl+H, you can see form name in form=im.incident.categorization:


 2. After you know form name, you can type fd in command, at top left and then input from name into Form in Forms Designer window that opened:

 3. List of forms that include text was input in previous step will appear, and you can press Design button to start customizing form:


 II. How to customize form in case items are not visible in desing windows:

In some cases, Design window will apprear grey without any item that can be edited. The reason for that is fields and other editable entities located in subform. To customize what appear in window, you will have to look for subform name and edit in that subform.

1.You can find subfrom name by click on grey area and then find subform name in Format field of Properties, as example below:


2. After you have subfrom name, you can search subform name in Forms Designer:


3.List of forms that include subform name will appear, and you can click on Design button to start customizing subform:


4.You can see design window appear with editable items and you can start customizing:




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