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Disable discovery Windows CI type in VMWare vCenter Topology job


we are using UCMDB to discover unix based servers in our environment. Lots of them is running on vmware virtualization, so I would use also vCenter topology job (CP 2021.11) do discover Linux VM's and their relations. However there are also Win serves running on VMWare that are discovered by this job and consumes licenses. Is there any way how to disable/ignore creating CI type Windows comming from this job? Thanks for any help.



  • Hello Ivan,

    there is no simple and OOTB option to disable discovery of NT nodes from vCenter Topology.

    There are several approaches but I think that the most efficient one would be to edit one of the discovery scripts so any NT node will not be modeled hence it will not be discovered.

    in there is the function createHost and you can add a simple condition to avoid NT node modeling.

    def createHost(self, vm):
    hostClass = self.getVmHostClass(vm)
    if hostClass == 'nt': return
    hostOsh = modeling.HostBuilder.fromClassName(hostClass)

    Keep in mind that since CP2022.05 we do a better modeling and we model the NT nodes based on their OS description and even if they are powered off.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Bogdan,

    thanks for the hint, I tried it and works as expected, so NT nodes are ignored now. There is just disadvantage that now job finished with processing results error due to missing link end for some vmware datastores, that should be linked with ignored NT's.

    I did upgrade CP in our lab on CP 2022.05, but all configurable job parameters are same as in previous version, so mentioned "better modeling" means that just adapter scripts has been modified?



  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Ivan,

    try to run the discovery using BasicInventory to see if only other related CIs are the problem. If it works without errors then indeed a related NT CI like the datastore could be the problem. 

    I don't remember exactly where they are modeled but it's easy to find it in the scripts.

    The better modeling is done by excluding the link local IPs, avoiding the modeling of uncertain OS information ()Winsows 2016 or later) and many other improvements.

    Yes, the parameters are the same but how we model the data is better.

    You are on the good road to achieve what you proposed.

    Kind regards,


  • The scripts were changed.
    Did you manage to isolate the other end of the failing links?