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NTCMD discovery running on two out of three probes


I have three probes installed on identaical Windows Server 2019. The probes are in different zones. "NTCMD Host Resources and Applications by shell" is only running on two out of three probes. In adittion I have a test environment where the probe is running in the same zone/subnets as the production probe not running the NTCMD discovery. The probe in the test environment runs just fine and finds information that the production environment prode does not. 

If i look at discovered Windows servers in production I can se that for two of the probes at total of six discoevry jobs have been run, while for those belonging to the filing probe only runs three of the same jobs. 

I am out of ideas of how to trigger "NTCMD Host Resources and Applications by shell" for the last prudcion probe. Do any one have any kind of idea of what might be wrong? Too many subnets? Too many CIs? Discovery running in wrong order?