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Exclusively agent driven flow - how to change probe names?

Test upgrade of data flow probe, changed probe name.

Some existing discovery status of scan files from Inventory of scan file job start reporting errors "cannot find probe 'oldProbeName' Task for TriggerCI will not be created". I searched and found an old post talking about IPs and running discovery jobs to update IPs but ours is exclusively UDA agent driven flow (uploading scan files), no other discovery jobs.

Is there a way to tell discovery that the new probe name is taking over for the old probe name?

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    There are two tasks that you would need to do if you change the name of a probe

    Before the change

    • The agent needs to know the name of the new probe it communicates with

    After the change

    • Delete the scan_file CIs whose LastDiscoveredByProbe is equal to "old-probe-name".  This is afe since the proper sca_file CIs would be created using the new probe

    Bill Dyck

    Principal Product Manager

    Universal Discovery and CMDB

  • Thank you for this information, Bill. Am I to understand, then, that in a scenario where a probe is decommissioned and deployed UDAs configs updated to point to new probe DNS/IP, or a probe is renamed but keeps the same DNS/IP, that the only way to resolve the errors is to delete the affected scan file CIs? Also, is there a way to delete the scan file CIs through the HTML5 CMS UI standalone interface, or is this still requiring the use of the Java client?

  • Yeah, that's the only way.  And you would need to use the Java client to do this delete function.

    Bill Dyck

    Principal Product Manager

    Universal Discovery and CMDB

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