CI discovered with multiple IPs in UCMDB


We have UCMDB 2022.05 version in our environment. We observed that many CIs in UCMDB has containment relationship with multiple IPs. As per Infra team, these CIs are having single IP and not multiple IP.

This is also impacting the integration of UCMDB with SMAX. Due to this issue, we are also seeing wrong IP against servers in asset inventory of SMAX,

We have UD agents installed on servers and below discovery jobs to discover CIs.

Host connection by SSH

Inventory by Scanner.    

  • Can you give an example of such IPs from a random node which affected?

  • It is showing one node named "arritom" with containment relationship with four IP Addresses/

    For example – Here, we have taken the 4 CI/Server (We searched IP address under IT Universal Manager tab), where the same windows machine is showing for all the 4 IP & also the same hostname is showing on all of them. 

    1. If we run the fresh shell discovery for any of the one IP & after the job got succeed, the existing hostname got changed & the same new hostname is assigned to all the remaining IP.
    2. If we will delete the windows machine for 1 IP & perform the re-run the shell job, then the same windows machine coming back and inside the show related CI’s, all the 4 IP address are showing.
  • We do have some known issues which were partially fixed in the last CP:
    - Egress IPs mostly from Openshift nodes

    - Docker private IPs

    - Nuntanix storage IPs

    All these are common IPs which sometimes can cause improper node merges.

    What is you CP version?

    Keep in mind that we do have a server patch to fix some wrong node merges based on the referenced IPs (affected UCMDB versions from 2020.11 to 2022.11).

    I hope that I properly understood your scenario. Better open a Support case and paste here the case ID.


  • Verified Answer

    We have resolved this issue in our environment. We faced this issues because node has an agent on it and is cloned, Hence the cloned systems were having the same agent id (UD Unique ID). Due to this, in UCMDB, same host was linked to multiple IPs.

    To resolve this issue, we removed the registry key (UUID) stored at below location under registry and restarted the agent to set a new key.

    LocationHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Hewlett-Packard\Universal Discovery\V1\Options\UD_UNIQUE_ID 

  • Hi there,

    we do have an option to renew the UD_unique_id. It's a command line option so you can invoke it locally for each cloned VM.

    Good to know why you had so many merges which resulted in super nodes with too many connected IPs.