Unable to register Data Flow Probe

We successfully deployed OpenText CMDB (Centos7) and the Data Flow Probe (Centos7) within the same network. Both installations were completed without any issues, and we confirmed connectivity by successfully pinging both systems. However, the probe does not appear in the CMS (Configuration Management System). We meticulously followed the installation steps outlined in the documentation.

  • CMS version?

    Also please check for errors in UCMDB logs and  under DFM  (probe gateway logs)

    I dont access to a DFM  box so cant tell the exact log...

    UCMDB log files - Universal Discovery and CMDB (microfocus.com)

    Data Flow Probe log files - Universal Discovery and CMDB (microfocus.com)

  • Suggested Answer

    The most likely reason the probe isn't showing up is the gateway_topology_task is not completing successfully.  You can check this by starting the probe and then examining the cmdb.reconciliation.audit.log file on the UCMDB server.  It should contain two lines as follows:

    2023-09-06 19:13:43,601 INFO [Process Results Thread (customer 1; idx 1)-ProbeGW_Topology_Task_][CustomerId:1] - [ID=1413950925] [Customer ID=1] [Changer=UCMDBDiscovery: ProbeGW_Topology_Task_ Probe: <PROBE_NAME>] [Datas to update- 13] [Referenced Data- 0] addOrUpdate : [Objects For Update- discoveryprobegateway(2) ip_subnet(1) nt(1) domain(1) discoveryprobemanager(1) ip_address(1) interface(1)] [Links For Update- containment(1) composition(1) management(1) membership(2)] [Referenced Objects-] [Referenced Links-]
    2023-09-06 19:13:44,632 INFO [Process Results Thread (customer 1; idx 1)-ProbeGW_Topology_Task_][CustomerId:1] - [ID=1413950925] [Customer ID=1] [Changer=UCMDBDiscovery: ProbeGW_Topology_Task_ Probe: <PROBE_NAME>] [total= 1.031 , manipulation= 0.064 , identification= 0.718 , identification.query= 0.698 , identification.match= 0.001 , merge= 0.028 , update= 0.209 , merge.loa= 0.015 , datain.lock= 0.000 , datain.lock.check= 0.000 , update.model.topology= 0.000 , update.model.post_validation= 0.059 , update.model.db= 0.021 , update.history= 0.097 , update.loa= 0.005 , update.ha= 0.002 ] [durations: identify= 0.720 dataIn= 0.093] [Ignore From Cmdb- 0 Ignore From Bulk- 0 Merge Operations- 0 Merged CIs- 0 Type Changes- 0 Max Topology Level- 1]

    If both lines are INFO, then the task completed.  If you see neither line, then check probe communication with UCMDB (on the probe, go to the wrapperProbeGw.log).  You should see something like this:

    jvm 1 | <2023-09-06 19:13:15,644> 22628 [INFO ] [WrapperSimpleAppMain] (LocalTopology.java:56) - Probe Manager topology info successfully created:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><vector>...</vector>
    jvm 1 | <2023-09-06 19:13:42,532> 49516 [INFO ] [ProbeGW Task Results Sender] (DiscoveryClient.java:1073) - Send object amount:{ProbeGW_Topology_Task_=11},size:8432[Byte]

    Those lines indicate that the probe topology was created and sent to the UCMDB server, whereas the line from the UCMDB Server's cmdb.reconciliation.audit.log indicate the values were accepted and saved to the database.

    If the values were not accepted and inserted into the UCMDB Database (for example the second line of the ProbeGW_Topology_Task is an ERROR message, check the error.log to see what might be going on.  An example of this in in the knowledge article here: From the Data Flow Probe Setup probes aren't being displayed (microfocus.com)

    If the values were not sent (e.g. the ProbeGW Task Results Sender could not send the information to UCMDB), check the <Data_Flow_Probe_Installation_Directory>\conf\dataFlowProbe.properties and <Data_Flow_Probe_Installation_Directory>\conf\DataFlowProbeOverride.properties for the following parameters:

    serverName =
    appilog.collectors.probe.name =
    appilog.collectors.local.ip =
    appilog.collectors.probe.ip =

    Those fields must have appropriate data in them (not empty).  If needed, modify those 2 files so the data in the fields specified above are correct and restart the data flow probe and examine the wrapperProbeGW.log file again.  Also check to see if the data flow probe is using high, medium or low certificate validation (if there is not a CA signed certificate on the UCMDB server and you have not downloaded the Certificate Revocation List, that step needs to be done.  It is discussed here:  Data Flow Probe - Linux installation - Universal Discovery and CMDB (microfocus.com)  Also check the user that is running the data flow probe to ensure that it can execute SUDO commands (also discussed in the same document).  

    -- Hope this helps!

    Keith Paschal

    UCMDB Worldwide Support Lead

  • Suggested Answer

    I saw in email some reply from you with a lot of logfile messages stating the CI was updated.  Please expose the root level CI in Ci Type manager and check to see if the discoveryprobegateway and discoveryprobemanager CIs exist (and that there is only one for each of them)

    Check that the settings of these match your probe:  uCMDB Probe is not showing up in the uCMDB UI (microfocus.com)

    If this doesn't resolve your issue, then please log a support case as we need probe and server logs to examine what may be happening.

    -- Hope this helps!

    Keith Paschal

    UCMDB Worldwide Support Lead