Creating multiple relationship with Assisted Modeling in CMS


I would to know if there is a way in CMS UI to create relationships between one CI and group of CI's with one action. Here is example where I would to add 7 CI's to one Business Application. Even when I found and marked CI's by shift, there is no option add it with one click and is need to add CI's one by one.


I know that this is simply possible in standard UI in local client, but I need find some way how to do it in CMS UI. Thanks for any help.



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    With the release of CMS 24.2 and the new Guided Modeling feature, we have replaced the old "assisted modeling" capability with a new interface. Today you access this UI via a right-click on a valid CI type in the Inventory card page and go to "Topology".  You can now select a template and then select multiple CIs and drag them into the appropriate template component.  I tried this just now by selecting 2 nodes and dragging them into the Node box of the template and all selected CIs were added.

    CMS 24.2 is the first version with the Guided Modeling feature and must be launched from an existing CI.  Our next release we hope to allow Guided Modeling to be launched without requiring an initial CI so you can freeform build service models like is possible today with the old "Assisted Modeling" feature.

    More information is available here -

    Bill Dyck

    Principal Product Manager

    Universal Discovery and CMDB

  • Thanks Bill for your recommendation, I tested new Topology widget in CMS 24.2 and creating multipe relationships is easy and simple much like in local client UI.