Error Update UD Agent on Windows in UCMDB 24.2


In our UCMDB (migrated from 2020.08 to 24.2) we have all agents (Windows) with version (UD 2020.08).
The "Update Agent" job is not working correctly. The probe does establish contact with the UD and tries to update the agent (we can see that several steps of the job are working fine), but the update fails with the error:

<<Progress message, Severity: Error>>
You must be superuser to run the UD Agent job, please check the credential configuration OR with what privileges is the remote agent running

<<Progress message, Severity: Error>>
Failed to install UD Agent

The "Scanner Job" works fine without errors.

We have checked the UD credentials for connecting to the agents, and the UD credentials por Update Agent, They are all correct

Any ideas?

  • Verified Answer

    After open a case with OpenText, they send me a fix (new package) that solves the problem.

    It seems that in have lines that check if the user is member of Administrators group, but my machines are Spanish Windows ant the groups is not called equl, it´s called Administradores, and for that reaseon the script failed.

    In the fix the removed these lines and check for the permissions another way.