uCMDB / UD CIT Mapping with SM / AM / BSM Best Practice and Probe Fine Tuning



We are envolved in some projects that cotains BSM / ITSM / BSA families with the mentioned products and more.


We would like to have best practice regarding Class model matching and CIT mapping between uCMDB and other CMDBs in BSM / SM and AM.


For example:


* BSM 9.24 Class Model has many differences that uCMDB 10.11 Class Model, like VMware Topology, AD Topology...etc.

* Switches CIT push from uCMDB 10.11 (after pulling it from NNMi 9.xx) to SM, always returns some errors.

* We also need a fine tunding best practice or steps for tuning the Probe resources, settings and DB.


Can you support us in that? :)


Thanks you in advance.