Add discovery date to CIs

There seems to be no foolproof indication that a system is being discovered by DFM or kept fresh through an integration or enrichment. I can see how the CI was created (Created By) and when (Create Time). I can also see what user/process last updated the CI (Updated By) but this isn't very reliable to see it fhe server is being discovered or not.

Has anyone created an enrichment (or something else) that could update the Note or Comment of a server with:

Discovered by probe <probe name> on <date>


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  • I creaed an enrichment that updates the node with "Discovered using <Agent:CI Type> and <Agent:Reference to the credentials dictionary entrey>, so the note on the Node might look like:

    Discovered by WMI 70_1_CMS


    Now, I would like to add the name of the probe and the date it was last discovered (even if no changes were added).
    I need to know the probe so I can (hopefully) map the 70_1_CMS to the name of the credential on that probe.

    Something like this:


    Discovered by <probe name> using WMI (70_1_CMS) on <Date>


    ? The credential dictionary is unique to each probe or to the uCMDB?

    ? How do I ensure that the enrichment will run and update the discovered date each time?

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