uCMDB to RTSM sync job error: Can't achieve ID properties for class [vmware_datastore]

hi board


we are running an integration job in order to sync data from uCMDB 10.10 to BSM 9.24 (RTSM). the TQL behind the integration job is pretty straight forward and does only include a few CITs as you can see from the screenshot below:




the problem we're having, is that the job fails because of the following error message from the error.log and mam.autodiscovery.log on the BSM DPS server (RTSM side):



Caused by: com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.DataInOperationException: [ErrorCode [110] class model validation error]

Error while trying to [addOrUpdate] on level [1]! Can't achieve ID properties for class [vmware_datastore]: not all the requested ID properties exist

[idAttributes=[name, root_container]]


        at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.handleBulk(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:567)

        at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.handle(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:323)

        at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.dataInExecute(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:169)

        ... 32 more



Now there are two questions related to this:


1. Why in gods name is this job syncing CI instances of type "vmware_datastore" if this CIT is not part of the query? Now i know that there is such thing as "Auto Complete Reconciliation" which will sync all CITs which are relevant for reconciliation of the CIT which are explicitly specified in the TQL. But i have checked the reconciliation rule for all CITs which are in the TQL and i could not find any link to CITs like "vmware_datastore" for example. So why are they being synced?

2. What could possibly cause the sync to fail. I have compared the CIT "vmware_datastore" in CI Type Manager in uCMDB and RTSM and they look the same. Especially i have compare the "Name" and "Container" attributes which are mentioned in the log entry. From my understanding they look exactly the same.




any other thoughts on this topic?
you help is much appreicated

  • Hi Tibornad,


    Try breaking out this query into separate TQLs for each of the node types you're trying to move. Run the integration, adding one TQL at a time and use a change sync, until you find which CI type is requesting vmware data centers to be moved with them. 


    This way, you'll get servers into your RTSM instance and have a clearer idea of what CI type is causing the issue. Let us know what CI type is causing the issue and we'll go from there.