uCMDB UD VMware VCenter Manual connection job error


Have anyone met the issue with discovery of VCenter when Manual Connnection job returns:

<log start="03:32:42" severity="debug">Connecting by URL:  ip-adress:9443/.../log>

<CONNECT start="03:32:48" duration="6886" CMD="client_connect" RESULT="" IS_NULL="Y" type="vmware" credentialsId="11_1_CMS">

<ERROR class="com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.ClientTransportException">

<message>[CDATA&colon; The server sent HTTP status code 404: Not Found]</message>

VCenter version 5.1
uCMDB 10.10 CUP 13
vim25.jar used from  JAXWS lib from SDK
As of manual test i can login to VCenter with the credentials provided.
Should there be any additional configuration made for VCenter?