Search results for IP address CIs in UCMDB Browser

If you want to search an IP address in UCMDB Browser, OOTB we will have results only for the autocompletionautocompletion-ootb.JPG

 But the search results will be missing the Ip_address CIs. In the above example for autocompletion we have a generic node and an Ip_address. In the below search results, we have only the node.results-ootb.JPG



To make visible the Ip_address in the search results we need to edit the ranking configuration which provides the rules of what we display as search results.


To do this, follow this steps:

  • Got to JMX console
  • Invoke method editRankingConfiguration
  • Edit the XML output so you will add after line 16 ( <name>configuration_document</name> ) the custom line <name>ip_address</name>
  • The output should look likeeditRanking.png


  • Save the resource at the bottom of the page
  • Invoke method reindexCiType with parameter ip_address
  • Test the IP search in Browser


This is based on the document