ucmdb-Number of cpu in a server - how to get this and store it in an attribute



I want to knnow the solution for this. How can i get the count of number of cup's in a server and update a field in the server.




I have server "A" and it has 8 CPU's with a query tql between server and cpu I can see that there are 8 cpu's (cpu1,cp2....cpu8) i can the count 8 to be updated in the server under attribute "number of cpu's = 8"



how can i do this?


Please help.

  • If you only want it in a report, an easy way is to choose Ci-type NODE and the related Ci-type CPU. You put CPU under the NODE. Go to the report part and on Node you choose Add function under Report Layout. Choose CPU and Count.

    If you run the report you see the Nodename (display label) and a new column named Count (|CPU|) or whatever you call it.

    This was not what you specific asked for but perhaps it is good enough, to be able to create a report with number of CPU/node.

    I guess, if you really want a new attribute on the Node with the number of CPU:s, you should be able to create it in an enrichment.

    Wbr / Fredrik
  • Thanks I'll try this.


    But i'm looking for populating the number in the same server and then i need to send this value to service  manager.


    How can i get this usinng an enrichment?


    can you help me to create that?



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