Attributes not getting discovered for Linux machines


I am using HP UD 10.10 on Windows OS.


I have performed the discovery for Linux devices. I am getting the data for some attributes but I am not able to get the data for below attributes.


 - Serial Number  - Discovered Vendor  - Discovered Model  - Domain Name


I have executed the below jobs

 - Ranges by ICMP  - Host Connection by Shell  - Host Resources by Shell


Please can you help me in resolving this issue.


Thanks in advance.


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  • We need to make this change so thank you for your advice.


    Your note mentions changing the dmidecode in one place.  However, I do see that command called in other places, e.g., discoverBiosUUID, discoverHostModel, discoverManufacturer.  Shouldn't these need to change as well?


    We are on 9.05.