UCMDB Tip: How does the recognition engine identifies a match in the SAI?

The recognition engine takes into account the following file characteristics when matching data in the scan file to the data in the library (zsai file):

  • File Name
  • File Size
  • File Signature (checksum of first 8KB of the file)
  • File Type (executable type)
  • Version Data (file header information)
  • OS Installed String (this is the info from Add/Remove programs  - on Windows only for fine tuning)
  • OS Package Manager info (Publisher, Application Name, Version, other properties), Relationship between packages and installed files



  • Does the Scan File coming back from what was the DDMi Scanner go through the same type of "XML Enricher" process as it did in DDMi?  If so then there is quite a bit of information about how the SAI file works out there for ED / DDMi.  I am guessing it is likely quite similar since my understanding is the UD Scanner is essentially the DDMi Scanner.   If so then it will sill be generating XSF files which will have to be enriched though the Application Recognition Engine (in whatever form it exists today) to make use of the signatures in the SAI file.


    Cheers.... Russell

  • Yes, the XML enricher for UCMDB 10.x is basically the same as it was in DDMI.

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