UCMDB Tip: Installed Software CIs from Inventory Discovery by Scanner job

Recently we received a question about the types of Installed Software Cis that can come into UCMDB from the Inventory Discovery by Scanner job.

Please note that there are 3 types of installed_software CIs that can be mapped to UCMDB:

  • installed_software.recognition_level = “normalized”: fully recognised applications using the Software Application Library (SAIs)
  • installed_software.recognition_level = “partially_recognized”: partially recognised applications (guessed produced by the application recognition – should not be relied upon for software asset management purposes, can be used for maintaining the Software Application database)
  • installed_software.recognition_level = “raw”: raw software application data as reported by the operating system (not normalised)

While there is no duplication between fully recognised and partially recognised installed software, mapping raw installed software will bring at lot of duplicate installed_software CIs. Best practice: only bring in limited number of raw installed software that are known to be absent in the Software Application Library. Regular expressions on various attributes can be used to include/exclude wanted/unwanted software.