UCMDB Tip: Difference between “InFocus” data and “Usage” data in the Software Utilization Report

Recently we received a quesion about the difference between the following columns in the Software Utilization Report (available under Custom Reports>Custom>Inventory):
"UsageHoursLastMonth", "UsageDaysLastMonth", "UsagePercent"


"InFocusUsageDaysLastMonth", "InFocusUsageHoursLastMonth","InFocusUsagePercent".


 Please note that the general difference between “InFocus” data and just “Usage” data is that, the latter collects the total application running time, where the “InFocus” collects the amount of time when the Windows application was “in focus” and the user was interacting with it. That allows one to get an idea of what GUI applications are really used by the user and, for example, to identify some applications which are only started, but never actively used.