UCMDB Tip: Errors in XMLEnricherService.log

Recently we came across an issue , where the following errors were found in the XMLEnricherService.log:


Enum "193" does not exist : hwCPUCacheDescription: hwsmbiosVoltageProbeLocation
Enum "0" does not exist : hwsmbiosVoltageProbeStatus
Enum "0" does not exist : hwsmbiosSystemPowerSupplyStatus
Enum "0" does not exist : hwsmbiosSystemPowerSupplyType
Enum "0" does not exist : hwsmbiosSystemPowerSupplyInputVoltageRangeSwitching

The customer wanted to know about the consequences of these errors.

Please note that most of these problems come from SMBIOS and some other fields. Usually it means that there is no corresponding definition of the enumerated value, i.e. it means that the manufacturers of SMBIOS put the value that is not described in the specification of the value. Generally one can just ignore that error as this is more of a warning rather than the actual error.

These error messages will be converted into warnings in a future UCMDB release.