UCMDB Tip: New Search is available on the SSO portal

We are excited to announce two new enhanced knowledge search capabilities available on the HP ‘Software Support Online’ (SSO) portal:  Faceted Search and Known Problem documents.


This new search is faster and employs a familiar web paradigm to 'navigate' to content that is most relevant.  The knowledgebase content is the same as our original search, which remains available to you.
In order to access it please do the following:


1.Select the New Search tab in http://support.openview.hp.com and click on the new link 'Try it today!' as shown below:

2.The new navigation-assisted search interface will open in a separate browser window:



3. Fine tune your search. Please note that the search is an OR search, returning documents that have one or more of your specified terms. The following search operators are available:

 - Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words, like “example phrase”. Please only use this if you’re looking for a very precise word or phrase, because otherwise you could be excluding helpful results by mistake.

- Include a word

Add a plus sign ( ) before a word to include that word in all results.

- Exclude a word

Add a dash (-) before a word to exclude all results that include that word.

- Fill in the blank

Use a question mark (?) within a search as a placeholder for a single character.

Use an asterisk (*) within a search as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms.

- Please note that punctuation characters, including the wildcard characters, are treated as literals when quotes are used.

4. You can find further details about the use of this new search capability in the following knowledge documents:




5. We would really appreciate if you take a minute to provide your feedback once you have tried the new search via the survey available at  "notices and alerts" on the SSO home page.