UCMDB Tip: Applet error when navigating to the Modeling Studio

If navigating to the Modeling Studio, from any other module in UCMDB 10.10 GUI, a dialog box stating "Undefined error code" is displayed. User cannot proceed without clearing the error box.  There is no perceived impact to the use of the UCMDB 10.10 GUI once the error is cleared. The following error is generated in the error.log file:

2014-02-04 00:30:07,015 [qtp732756624-45902] (BusinessModelFacade.java:115) ERROR - BusinessModelFacade: unexpected exception in BusinessModelOperationGetAllBusinessCIs: com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.CmdbException:
[ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code]
appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined error code]
CMDB Operation Internal Error: class java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException : This method is supported only when the result is not chunked. You need to check the method boolean isDividedToChunks() first. : operation appilog.framework.shared.modeling.operation.BusinessModelOperationGetAllBusinessCIs : class com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.CmdbException

Please note that this issue is with the chunk size and is fixed in UCMDB 10.01 CUP9 and UCMDB 10.10 CUP2.