UCMDB Tip: PostgreSQL configuration Files

Please see below some information about PostgreSQL configuration files:


  •  Located at <DataFlowProbe>\pgsql\data\postgresql.conf
  • Contains out of the box PostgreSQL configuration (memory, etc) for the active OS
  • Settings located in <DataFlowProbe>\conf\postgresql.conf  override some of those out of the box settings (logs, etc)


  •  Located at <DataFlowProbe>\pgsql\data\pg_hba.conf
  • Contains out of the box PostgreSQL Client Authentication Configuration – only local connections are permitted
  • Links to another file allowedremoteusers, which lists PostgreSQL usernames allowed to connect from remote machines – by default the list is empty
  • This file should not be modified directly, scripts should be used instead - enable_remote_user_access.cmd and remove_remote_user_access.cmd (Please note that on Linux the scripts have sh extension - enable_remote_user_access.sh and remove_remote_user_access.sh)