UCMDB Tip: How to map scan file attributes to UCMDB CIs

If you would like to map attributes that are contained in scan files to UCMDB CIs, please follow the steps below:


  1. Before creating a mapping, please perform an analysis on what information you want to map, what data element in the scan file contains the information you want to capture, where the data element in the scan file is located, and which UCMDB CI you want to store this information.
  2. Select a CI to map:
  •        Open the Hardware Mapping Configuration dialog box using one of the following:

              - Go under Adapter Management > Inventory Discovery by Scanner > Adapter Definition tab , expand the Global   Configuration Files pane, click on HardwareMappingConfig.xml and then click Edit .
              - Go under Inventory Discovery Activity > Preferences Page, expand the Mapping Options pane and then click the "Custom Mapping..." button.


  •    Click "Add CI" button (" " sign in the tree) and in the opened Select CI dialog box please select a CI (please note that "Add CI" option is only available when Hardware Mapping Configuration is selected in the left pane.)
  •    Select a CI that you want to create a mapping.
  •    In the CI Editor, select properties for the selected CI.

3. Select attributes to map

  • Click Select Attributes  to select attributes. The Select an Attribute dialog box opens.
  • Select properties for the selected attribute in the Attribute Editor.

4. Verify that data in the scan file was mapped as expected to UCMDB by using the CI Type Manager.

Please note that alternatively, advanced users can manually edit the ParseEnrichedScanFile.py script file to create complex topologies. There is a commented out sample available in this script that demonstrates how to map the hwAssetDescription asset field to the node's Description attribute.