UCMDB Tip: Job status is ‘reached probe’ for a long time

If you come across an issue where job status is ‘reached probe’ for a long time, please try the following:


  • Start from probe JMX:
    • Jobs Information – view job statuses.
    • If the job is not finished yet:

             - Check the logs – is probe loaded?

             - Is blackout policy defined for the probe?

             - Check WrapperProbeGW.log:

                      Job is blocked due to blackout policy

             - Scheduling: The status of the job is set to ‘in progress’ once the trigger arrives to the probe. As a result, if the   job is defined with future start time, the status will be in progress until then.

  • Please note that until v.10.01, the status was ‘in progress’ (instead of ‘reached probe’).