UCMDB Support Tip: How to configure DDM probe to report names in consistent case

There are some discovery jobs that return the  'name' of a node in Upper case while others return this value in Lower case, for example:


VMware VirtualCenter Topology by VIM returns the name as: abcd.

MS Cluster by NTCMD returns the name as ABCD.


As a result of this behaviour, we get a change event in the 'CI History' that is saying "name" and "display label" attributes changed from ABCD to abcd. Obviously this is not really a change.


This can be fixed by adding a qualifier to the class's xml following the steps below, please note that this is different from the qualifier we see on the UI which can not be selected when we have instances of a particular class, and after adding via XML this qualifier will still not show on the UI


- Login to uCMDB

- Go to Modeling > Ci Type Manager

- Select node from the tree in the left panel

- In the top button bar please press export as XML button

- Please open up the exported file in a text editor (e.g. noteepad ) and search for: name="name

- This will bring you down to the name attribute definition

- Please add in the list of qualifiers the following line:


<Attribute-Qualifier name="DDM_AUTOUPPERCASE"/>

Basically your name attribute definition after the change should look like this:

<Attribute-Override name="name" is-partially-override="true">

<Attribute-Qualifiers> <Attribute-Qualifier name="BDM_SCOPE"/>

<Attribute-Qualifier name="DASH_ATTRIBUTE"/>

<Attribute-Qualifier name="DDM_ID_ATTRIBUTE"/>

<Attribute-Qualifier name="INDEX"/>

<Attribute-Qualifier name="STATIC"/>

<Attribute-Qualifier name="DDM_AUTOUPPERCASE"/>

</Attribute-Qualifiers> <Empty-Default-Value/>



 - To be on the safe side, please add the same qualifier to two other attributes as well:  



- Save the file

- Go back to uCMDB and

- Hit the import from xml button (next to the export button)

- Select the file we edited