UCMDB Support Tip: Resolving duplicated JBoss AS CIs in ucmdb 10.01 CP12

Hello All,


We have come accross an issue, where the uCMDB discovered  JBoss AS using the discovery module Host Applications by Shell, however, when the job JEE JBoss by shell was enabled it created duplicated CIs for the Jboss AS.


The root cause for this issue is that CIs discovered by HRA by shell don’t have any value in the attribute “J2EE Server Full Name”.  To resolve this we modified the script plugins_jboss_server_domain.py adding this line:

                context.application.getOsh().setAttribute('j2eeserver_fullname', serverName)


This line was added in the definition of getInstanceName function under line 45


                context.application.getOsh().setAttribute('j2eeserver_servername', serverName)