UCMDB Support Tip: How to connect to an Oracle RAC when using a generic database adapter?

Hello All,


If you need to connect to Oracle RAC using a generic database adapter, you will need do some changes to the adapter's XML file. You need tocdescribe the connection using user name (schema), password, and a connection URL string.


In order to define this, you need to edit the adapter's XML parameters section as follows:



<!--The description attribute may be written in simple text or HTML.-->

<!--The host attribute is treated as a special case by CMDBRTSM-->

<!--and will automatically select the probe name (if possible) -->

<!--according to this attribute's value.-->

<!--Display name and description may be overwritten by I18N values-->

<parameter name="url" display-name="Connection String" type="string" description="The connection string to connect to the database" mandatory="true" order-index="10" />

<parameter name="credentialsId" display-name="Credentials ID" type="integer" description="The credentials to be used"  mandatory="true" order-index="12" />



Here is an example of a URL that connects to an Oracle RAC using the out-of-the- box Data Direct driver: