UCMDB integration interrupted due to timeout


we have configured push integration job between two UCMDB servers. Job running fine, but sometimes is interrupted and finishes with error "[ErrorCode [700000] Action was cancelled.]".

I found in the logs that problem is with folloving timeout setting:

ERROR [Request processor timer] (RequestProcessor.java:1176) - Interrupting thread RequestProcessorAsyncPool-63646 due to timeout of 3600000 msec for root operation: com.hp.ucmdb.discovery.framework.probe.operations.AutoDiscoveryOperationExecuteAdhocTask@680f5539


However I didn't find parameter that should be changed to increase mentioned timeout. I checked all parameters in UI Interna settings and JMX SettingsServices, but there is no timeout with value 3600000.

Anybody know where this can be changed? Thanks for any help.