UCMDB AIX DISCOVERY : UDA: Internal error. Details: Failed to discovery OS Domain Name


After installing manually the agent on some aix nodes, we can ping the agent on remote nodes, we can gather some information like CPU, MEMORY, USERS, PARTITION, but the OS name can't be discovered, then the CI is not shown under the appropriate CI TYPE list which is UNIX.


Can you please suggest your ideas if anyone faced the same issue ?

UCMDB Version : 2019.05


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  • Hello there,

    the UD agent is one component to access the remote node. What discovery jobs aren't discovering the needed information?
    Are the jobs properly configured?
  • Hello,
    Yes this is where we need to see the aix CI, that s what i meant, by the way the aix version is is there any discovery support matrix ?

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  • Hello,
    Yes we configured some redhat machine and we can see them in the node list, but for aix it fail.

    Is there any specific different requirment for aix except the agent package ?

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  • Should be supported.
    What do you see in the CommLog. Any failures in particular?
  • Hi Bogdan

    We have the same error occurring for AIX servers in the Host Connection by Shell job.  We are at 10.33 CP2019.11 CUP5.  The job result is:

    << Progress message, Severity: Error>> UDA: Internal error. Details: Failed to discovery OS Domain Name


    Here is the relevant detail from the Comm Log:

    <log start="19:33:17" severity="debug">adding alternate cmd='/usr/sbin/getconf MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE'</log> <EXEC start="19:33:17" duration="16"> <CMD>[CDATA: getconf MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]</CMD> <RESULT>[CDATA: chrp ERROR_CODE:0]</RESULT> </EXEC> <log start="19:33:17" severity="debug">command='getconf MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE' ended successfully</log> <EXEC start="19:33:18" duration="16"> <CMD>[CDATA: hostname ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]</CMD> <RESULT>[CDATA: xxxxxxxxxx ERROR_CODE:0]</RESULT> </EXEC> <log start="19:33:18" severity="warn">Failed to get OS Domain Name by hostname</log> <EXEC start="19:33:18" duration="15"> <CMD>[CDATA: cat /etc/nsswitch.conf | cut -d# -f1 | grep "^hosts:" | tail -1 | cut -d: -f2- ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]</CMD> <RESULT>[CDATA: cat: 0652-050 Cannot open /etc/nsswitch.conf. ERROR_CODE:0]</RESULT> </EXEC> <EXEC start="19:33:18" duration="16"> <CMD>[CDATA: cat /etc/resolv.conf ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]</CMD> <RESULT>[CDATA: nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx search xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx ERROR_CODE:0]</RESULT> </EXEC> <EXEC start="19:33:18" duration="15"> <CMD>[CDATA: domainname ; echo ERROR_CODE:$?]</CMD> <RESULT>[CDATA: ERROR_CODE:0]</RESULT> </EXEC> <log start="19:33:18" severity="warn">Get OS Domain Name from command domainname failed (not allowed is (none) and localdomain and value without dot): </log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="debug">Failed to discovery OS Domain Name Traceback (most recent call last): File "HostConnectionByShell", line 191, in DiscoveryMain File "HostConnectionByShell", line 605, in doDiscovery File "TTY_Connection_Utils", line 3885, in getOSandStuff File "TTY_Connection_Utils", line 1986, in discover File "TTY_Connection_Utils", line 2031, in discoverOsDomainName File "TTY_Connection_Utils", line 863, in discover Error: Failed to discovery OS Domain Name </log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="debug">UDA: Internal error. Details: Failed to discovery OS Domain Name</log> <DISCONNECT start="19:33:18" duration="16" CMD="client_disconnect" RESULT="" IS_NULL="Y" type="uda" credentialsId="x_x_xxx" /> <log start="19:33:18" severity="warn">Discovery failed, though shell object will be created</log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="debug">creating object for obj_name=uda</log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="debug">Reporting error code 103 to framework.</log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="debug">Error message is: UDA: Internal error. Details: Failed to discovery OS Domain Name</log> <log start="19:33:18" severity="info">Execution current time:2020/01/24 19:33:18</log>


  • it fails to detect host os name.
  • Hello JohnCI


  • Was there any resolution to this? Any idea why this is happening?