uCMDB 10.01 CUP 8 DB2 Discovery questions

Good afternoon -

We're working on discovering our application infrastructure using the uCMDB's agent-less discovery (not using the UD agent).


We've been successful overall at getting the specific CI types we're interested in for our organization, but we're having an issue with the DB2 discovery.


In the Data Flow Probe setup for the Generic DB Protocol used by the 'DB2 Universal Database Connection by SQL' discovery job, for db2 database type, the Instance Name is a required field - meaning we cannot leave it blank. But, on a given server, we may have 5 - 15 different DB2 instances, and it doesn't seem feasible to create a credential entry for each of those instances - especially since the username and password will be the same for all.


So, how do we set up the DB2 credentials so that it will use the same credentials for each instance?