Zone-Based Discovery configuration

What are the cases to use these options?

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    Zone-based discovery can be used to:

    • Limit the scope of a discovery activity to a sub-set (zone) of the entire network
    • Run multiple instances of the same discovery activity on different zones in the network
    • Configure each discovery activity instance with different settings (parameters, scheduling)
    • Diagnose discovery problems (using the Discovery Troubleshooter)

    A Management Zone is a region in the network defined by a collection of IP ranges. A region of an organization’s infrastructure should be defined as a Management-Zone when you want to discover all the managed objects of the region using the same scheduling policy and parameters.

    You configure a Discovery activity to perform discoveries inside a specific Management Zone. The activities discover infrastructure (IPs, nodes), basic software (shallow running software including application servers, databases, and web servers), deep database configuration, and inventory (for example, CPUs, installed software, logical volumes), among other information. A Discovery activity includes:

    • Discovery parameters that are specific to the type of the Discovery activity
    • A scheduling policy

    For more information on discovery activities and instructions on how to activate them, please check the HP UCMDB Discovery and Integrations Content Guide, and UCMDB DataFlow Management Guide.


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