Query on uCMDB discovery process



We are using HP UD 10.10 CP 13.0.1179 on Windows OS.


I have a question regarding the discovery done by uCMDB. Let us say that we configure 20 IP address in DFP(Data Flow Probe) for discovery and run the discovery jobs:


           - Range by ICMP

           - Host Connection by WMI


All these 20 devices are discovered and populated in uCMDB after the discovery. Now after few days we add 1 more device IP address in the DFP. Now in total we have 21 IP Address in DFP and we run the discovery jobs.


My question now is whether the uCMDB will rediscover the already discovered 20 devices alongwith the newly added device or will discover only the newly added device in the DFP.


If it will rediscover the 20 devices again and the newly added device as well then is there a way to configure the discovery such that it will only discover the newly added device.



Thanks in advance.


  • the answer of your question : uCMDB will discover by default the 20 existing devices plus the newly discovered one.


    and your request againt configuration management concept. if you disable discovery for existing nodes. you will not able to detect the CI changes. if you want to discover only newly added IP (i will suppose the IP address CI is avaialable)


    from IT universe right click IP address CI -- Actions -- Add CI to Discovery Job -- choose Host connection by shell


    this way will only discover only newly added IP