UCMDB 9.0x Enrichment to add relationship to existing non-related CI

Hello everyone,


Is it possible with an enrichment to add a relationship into a pattern to an existing CI that does not have an existing relationship to anything in the pattern?


For example the attached image is what I am trying to do.


I have 12 workstations within a specific IP range, and an existing "FunctionalGroup" called "Students" that I would like to add with a "Usage" relationship over those computers.  We are taught to just "add a new" functional group with the same parameters as the existing one but that seems kludgy.


One workaround is to add a dummy relationship to anything in the graph (for example to the subnet) so that I could add it in query mode, and then add the new usage relationship in enrichment mode to the computers themselves.  This works, but there should be a way to just specify a specific CI that I want to add a relationship to in enrichment mode without having to try to recreate it.


Attached is the example of what I'm trying to do.  The "Usage(1)" relationship upper left is the dummy one required to make it work.  Is there any other way?


Thanks for your help!

  • Actually I try to do the same thing.


    1) we have a collection of business services defined in ucmdb, They have a property called "LSNumber" which is unique. This property is NOT a "exclusive" key.


    2) we have nodes, which have a attribute assigned to them called "LSNumber". This attribute is read via a flag file on the node, read during custom discovery (shell.safecat(filename) parsing).


    I want to create a enrichment, which maps the business service to the node, based on this attribute. For this I did the following:


    a) Create a new Enrichment Rule

    b) Added a Query containing Node and Bussiness Service connected with a virtual join of "Node.LSNumber = BusinessService.LSNumber"

    c) In Enrichment View I just add a relationship of "Contains"


    Attached the resulting enrichment rule. The number of results is correct.


    This works the first time I create the enrichment. It maps the service to the node (Business Service "Contains" the Node). However for subsequent discovery jobs the relationship is not created, altought the preview does show the creation.


    I already sheduled the enrichment rule every 5 minutes, however connection is not created.


    What do I miss ?? (UCMDB is 9.05)


    How can I debug this ?




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