URGENT !!!!!. UCMDB Push Adapter (Advanced Reconciliation)

Hi all,


I need some clarification on the UCMDB push adapter front, I am currently stucked with the attribute reconciliation process.


I am trying to push data to asset manager and in the UCMDB push adapter I have created an reconciliation proposal to change a specific attribute that may need a AM operator Validation


For this I have created the attribute reconciliation process (Attribute: Serialno)


" attribute-reconciliation attribute-name="SerialNo" update script="mappings.scripts.AMReconciliationAdvanced.getserialno(ApiWrapper, vNewVal, vOldVal, vPrimaryKey, OutputCI)"


But the real problem is, this process is not working on the CI type : "amportfolio", but the same process is working fine with the CI : "amcomputer".


I have attached the entire xml code which I configured for the CI type : "amportfolio"


Please do let me know how to proceed further.


Thanks in Advance,