DB Import / Export with Sybase SQL Anywhere

Hi all,

We have to export data from UCMDB 10 to a DB table and to import data from a DB table to UCMDB. We already did it with Oracle database, using Generic DB Adapter for import and Generic Push Adapter for export, but we have to do it just now with a Sybase SQL Anywhere Database.

Any experience with this database or with another “rare” one?

As far as I read, I assume that it’s possible:

For Generic DB Adapter, I found “The Persistence.xml File is used to override the default Hibernate settings and to add support for database types that are not out of the box (OOB database types are Oracle Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL). If you need to support a new database type, make sure that you supply a connection pool provider (the default is c3p0) and a JDBC driver for your database (put the *.jar files in the adapter folder). To see all available Hibernate values that can be changed, check the org.hibernate.cfg.Environment class (for details, refer to http://www.hibernate.org.)”

For Generic Push Adapter, I’m afraid I should create a new Pyhton script and import drivers.

Any example, quick-steps or experience is welcomed.

Thanks a lot!



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