DDMI Agent impact on the CMS platform



As well known, DDMI agent and UD agent, both of them use the same port 2738.

In the customer's environment, we have a lot of DDMI agents installed which are running. Those DDMI agents still installed in the entire infrastructure as a backup solution.


Currently, we're facing a lot of issues with the CMS platform and our question is, is there any impact of DDMI agent on the CMS platform (interference, etc.)



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    Please note that both DDMI and UD agents should not be installed together on the same device, so you do need to upgrade DDMI agent to UD agent for UCMDB to work, the UD agent can support both environments (DDMI and UCMDB) simultaneously. The latest DDMI scanners will work with UD agent, so you will be able to scan in both environments.

    It is also possible to set up the UD agent to do 2 call home requests - one to UD probe and one to DDMI.

    The only problem is that there is only one scanner on the device and only one scanner is allowed to run at any one time. If doing scans from both DDMI and UD, it should be necessary to separate the scans using different schedules - e.g. DDMI is allowed to do scanning on some days and UD on other (however, please note that in this case your environment will be scanned twice).


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  • Hello Irina,

    Thank you for your answer...

    In fact, I want to know if we've never made any configuration which allow the Discovery jobs connect to DDMI agent and use it, is there any chance that the uCMDB send some jobs to the DDMI agent or listen to the information sent from the DDMI agent ?

    My question was about the possibility of an impact from the DDMI agent, which aren't configured to be used by the uCDMB and only istalled and on running mode, on the functionnality of CMS platform.