Using uCMDB Agent in DMZ etc.


I'm about to install uCMDB agent on servers in our DMZ's and wonder if there is any problems with that? I've also looked for some documentation on how to go through installetion and about sending traffic through the Firewall, and in to the Probe. I can't find any good docs on this.


Can anyone help?





  • Hello, thank you for posting this question.


    I always reccomend to install a probe in the DMZ because it is easier to allow the communication between the UCMDB and a probe through 8080 port (or 443 if HTTPs) than enable all the required ports to discover the devices and servers outside the firewall.


    Anyway, if you want to apply this configuration you should check the port list on the Deployment Interactive Guide to enable them on the Firewall and the Store and Forward secction on the Data Flow Management guide.


    Regarding the documentation that you are asking, as you post, there is no many information regarding this configuration.

    My reccomendation is to try it, and if you have any problem open a suport case. We will be glad to help you.


    I hope this information help :)


  • Hi

    The challenge is that we unfortunately have several DMZ and several servers(DMZ) hidden behind a Netscaler proxy. So i'm really strugling with a solution to how to fix this.