Inventory Scanner Trobuleshooting

UCMDB 10.32

CP 26


I recently installed the CP 26 on my environment and after few days while i am checking the host. The count suddenly decreases. Also when i found out that many hosts merged into one now i can check that one host is having around more than 900 ipaddress. I checked for that host only one ip is there for it.

I checked the logs in that cmdb.recoincilation is frequetly merging the CIs through the Inventory Scanner job.

Also the other jobs are in pending state as they are in loop.I cheked that no job is executing from the server side it reaches to the probe and probe sent the result to the server but no job is going to complete.

The thing i changed after the CP 26 installed is that i changed the XML Enricher of one probe  from 34545 to 34546. NOthing else.

Somebody can help me in this.


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