Location Attribute

Hi ,

I need to put the location of the server into ucmdb according to room, rack and etc .

Does any did this in their environment and how you performed for this


  • Over SNMP we populate the attribute discovered_location for most of the netDevices.
    There are some options for WMI discovery and various in-house implementations.

    It's an useful information but nobody submitted their code to get it into the product so far.

  • So basically we stuck here with the manual work where i am thinking to use the integration studio for this.

  • Not quite.

    I would investigate a little bit where this information is stored on NT and Unix machines except retrieving it via SNMP.
    It can be queried relatively easily and then modeled in the result vector. This would be for computers.

    You can also use enrichments to populate the attribute if you have a location-based naming convention for your hostnames of FQDNs. For example, flabc01234 could mean fl the code for Florida computers. Or flabc01234.hr.us.company.net could mean a Florida computer from USA used by the HR department who is located all of it in building X, floor Y.