When deleting and recreating an attribute, it can destroy the possibility to see the CI's data



I have a problem, when i'm developing in the UCMDB, 10.11 CUP1.


Tried to create a boolean attriubte on CI Node, I figured it should be a string instead.

So I deleted the attribute, and created a new in the same name.

Now it was not possible to see the data filled in all of the Node CI's.


I have heard it maybe could be something with data was entered, i don't know, still pretty dangerous "bug"/functionality. 


Does anyone have a fix?




  • Hi Daniel,

    We know about this issue and R&D team will fixed this in next release.

    I think you have DB on MSSQL. It is correct?

    What you can do is:
      1. Delete the attribute from Class Model
      2. And DBA delete the attribute from DB for CI type table and for all children tables to related the CI Type.