DMZ Web server Ports required for basic Discovery of Applications and resources?



Please share the ports required to be enabled on the DMZ webservers in order to do basic discovery of application and resources. As there is a firewall so the stakeholder asking me for the ports that I need to enable. Also if I have snmp enabled on the servers, what would I be able to Discover if no ports is enabled.



M. Shakeel


  • Hi Shakeel,

    The Webserver port varies based on the type of Webserver you going to discover.
    By default if you are able to do the Discovery of Servers using SSH or NTCMD, you will be able to do the Webserver discovery.
    So, confirm with 22/23 and NTCMD Ports and try to perform the discovery.

  • The discovery of any CI in UCMDB is multi-level process.

    To get information about Web Servers you need to run following jobs discover Range IPs by ICMP -> Host Connection by Shell -> Host Application by Shell -> Web Server by Shell -> and then some web server specific job like Apache Tomcat by Shell.

    In this path you'll need host answering to ping (you could also create IP CI manually) and Shell related ports (22/23 as was explained in post by Ashok).

    Hope this helps.