Delete relationship if DisplayMonitor is not found


We have change the reconciliation rule for CIT DisplayMonitors in our UCMDB to match for SerialNumber.

Now, if a monitor is discovered in a new node, the UCMDB doesn´t create a new CI, simply changes the property container to specify the id of the node which is connected. But the monitor still has a relationship to the old node.

How can i make the relationships between the monitors and nodes unique?

So if an already monitor in the UCMDB changes node, the old relationships with the old node deletes itself and only contents the relationship to the new node



  • Hi Chuchi,


    this can be done with enrichment, specifying on one side new relationships (CreateTime Changed in last 24 hours) and on the other side the relationship with older node (CreateTime Unchanged in the last 24 hours). Then you can schedule the enrichment to run once a day after the AM synchronization.


    Petko Popadiyski

    Freelance Microfocus CMS UCMDB Consulting

  • Hello popadiyski

    The composition relationship has no "Create Time" filled. It has only the following properties filled:

    Actual Deleteion Period
    Allow CI Update
    Deletion Candidate Period
    Display Label
    Enable Aging
    Is Candidate for Deleteion

    So, we can´t do an enrichment rule based on these properties.

    We've try to autodelete the Composition adding it to the Automatic Deletion of the CI Types of the InventoryDiscoveryByScanner but has no effect. When a node without a monitor scan it, the relationship doesn't delete as we expected.
    Same result if we set the relationship to "Candidate for Deletion", the relationship doesn't change the properties (always on False)

    This has no occurs for the Containment relationship, for example with the ipaddress. When a node with other ip scan it, the relationship between node->old ip deletes sucessfuly

  • Strange, maybe you are not looking at the right place. For me on the filtering conditions the Create Time appears for all relationships:



  • Hello popadiyski

    That is not my problem...

    Here, is a view of my problem. the monitor HP L1706 is really connected to the computer I103895, but previously was connected to the computer i98822. In UCMDB it represents as the image below:


    There are 2 relations from this monitor. I would like to autodelete the relationships that do not exist.


    The properties of the relationship between the monitor and the I103895 are: (remember, the monitor is physically connected the this computer)


    The properties of the relationship between the monitor and the I98822 are: (remember, the monitor is not physically connected to this computer)


    In the adapter's configuration (InventoryDiscoveryByScanner), i tried to configure the Autodelete option in the Composition relationship without no lucky.

    When i launch a InventoryDiscoveryByScanner against the two computers the composition relationship doesn´t autodelete


    Any idea to do the monitos relationships to only one computer?


  • I understand fully your problem. Let me explain my idea. You have "node 1" ->  "monitor 1" <- "node 2". You make a query, which will detect which relationship is older. And through the enrichment ability to delete the relationship, you will execute it. This way you will end up only with one node to the "monitor 1"



  • Thanks for the reply popadiyski

    Your solution could be worth to me if i could find some attribute in the relationship that would specify "Last Acces Time" or "LastModifiedTime" or anything related to time.
    But in my relationship i can not find any attribute that could help me to make an enrichment rule.

    This is an image of the all attributes of the relationship between node1 -> monitor1


    All relationships have the same attributes, i can not distinguish on from the other

  • Hmm that is very strange :) Which version are you using?

    I have 2018.x and I have the data:


  • Verified Answer

    I hate to be the one to say it, but you are out of support, mate :) If you upgrade to latest, you will probably resolve a lot of outstanding issues. 


  • We are encountering this same issue at CMDB 10.33 CP26.  The suggested solution to make a query which will detect which relationship is older and through an enrichment, delete the older relationship, is the way the product should work OOTB no? Can anyone advise if this is how the latest version of uCMDB works? If not I'll gladly open a Enhancement Request.